Fengshushan Community, Dongtang Street, Changsha City: Parent -child "粽" mobilizes public welfare warmth

Fengshushan Community, Dongtang Street, Changsha City: Parent -child "粽" mobilizes public welfare warmth

Near the Dragon Boat Festival, the fragrance is fragrant.

In order to vigorously promote the national spirit, inherit the traditional Chinese culture, actively cultivate and practice the core values ??of socialism, guide minors to cultivate their love of the country, and promote the construction of family tutoring and family style. On May 29, Fenghua District, Dongtang Street, Changsha City Shushan Community’s New Era Civilization Practice Station, Women and Children’s Houses Joint "Red Maple Mom" ??volunteer service project service organization good deed social workers invite 10 groups of parent -child families in the jurisdiction to carry out the "Our Festival · Dragon Boat Festival-" Parent -Child ‘"Mobilization , Public Welfare Warm People’s Hearts "Mass Culture Cultural Activities." On the fifth day of May is the Dragon Boat Festival, every household households are dumplings, the doors and windows are inserted with moxa grass, and the arms are hundreds of locks … "The event began. Under the leadership of the volunteer teacher of the service project, the children stood up and stood confidently on the stage to chant classic poems, paying tribute to traditional culture in a unique way. Essence

"This leaf can be longer" "rice can be placed less."

During the bun dumplings, the volunteer teacher explained and guidance from time to time. Parents and children move together and participate in labor together.

Folding leaves, materials, compact, parcel, and tie rope. Everyone is too busy. The children are even more interested, and enthusiastically help get the leaves and rice. After a while, the dumplings will take shape.

After the activity, the children sent the rice to the grid in the area of ??the area to live in the grid of the area, the disabled people, and the children of the dilemma. "This activity allows children to fully understand the traditional culture of China. Through the experience of the buns, I realize the traditional customs and cultural atmosphere of the festival; in the process of sending the rice dumplings, I also realize the joy of caring for others. It must be so beautiful, but it is very meaningful. "After the event, a parent said. The development of this event not only added the festive atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival, but also allowed everyone to feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture. At the same time, it enhanced the feelings of community residents and effectively promoted the construction of a harmonious and happy community.

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