"Let love see Guizhou · I have endorse my hometown"! Guizhou Provincial Poverty Alleviation Foundation launches good dealer selection activities

"Let love see Guizhou · I have endorse my hometown"! Guizhou Provincial Poverty Alleviation Foundation launches good dealer selection activities

  On the afternoon of November 10, Guizhou Provincial Poverty Alleviation Foundation reported to the media: in order to integrate resources of all sectors, vigorously create a national public welfare, and explore the representative character of our province’s love of public welfare undertakings, fully promote the revitalization of rural resolution, Guizhou Province Poverty Alleviation Foundation A few days ago, "Let love see Guizhou · I have endorsement of my hometown" to make a good dealer.

  "This activity is designed to continue to consolidate the poverty results.

For the applicant, the selected person has specific conditions requirements. Huang Ling, secretary general of Guizhou Provincial Poverty Alleviation Foundation, is now, the selection activities are about to start, and the selection requirements are now notified as follows: Activities: "Let love see Guizhou · I have a good endorsement", "good deeds", "by Guizhou Province The Poverty Alleviation Foundation organizes the full technical support by Guizhou Hua Lail Technology Co., Ltd. Selection and Standard: From the good deeds who care for the revitalization of rural rejuvenation, according to the number of votes + consumption farmers (consumption 1 yuan = 1 vote), etc. Selected.

  "Let love see Guizhou · I am a hometown endorsement", "should actively participate in the revitalization of the country. Participants must behave well, vivid deeds, high performance, high representation, strong appeal, strict, and the masses are thick, and have the following conditions: ● Conditions 1: With dedication, willing to be involved in consumption farmers, rural revitalization Career; ● Conditions 2: Good at learning, strong communication skills, dare to act, strong social responsibility, and actively implement the work of the foundation of the Foundation; Enthusiasm for governments, love companies, hometowns, and vulnerable groups and other special care objects, do things, solve problems, play an example and demonstration role. Selection Steps: Registration Selection Phase (November 15th – December 31st) 1, the selection activity notice is issued in major media. 2, the participant added official customer service WeChat, "" Let love see Guizhou. I fill in the "Registration Form" for the hometown, send it to the official customer service WeChat registration.

  3, share voting links to promote consumption help, help the goods, the rural residence, and promote the drunken of Guizhou. 4. Participate in the "I have a good endorsement of my hometown" on the video number of "Rural Revitalization" and release the endorsement of the endorsement. The publicity phase (January 1st – January 7) 1, according to the principle of fairness, justice, openness, the first candidate of the county’s consumption, the first place, "Let Love to see Guizhou, I am a speech for my hometown" to make a spokesperson .

  2, in the "Guizhou Provincial Poverty Alleviation Foundation website: (http: ///)," Guizhou poverty alleviation "WeChat public number" is publicized to the people in various counties.

  Exposition stage (January 7th – January 15th) 1. Through the mainstream media, self-media, etc. And promote positive energy. 2. Release "Let Love to see Guizhou, I endorse the endorsement of the hometown" to the results of the endorsement of the endorsement, and hold a charity party to commend the raised spokesperson. Relevant requirements 1. Altitude attention: high attention, carefully organize. Actively explore typical, strictly check.

  Second, fair, fair, open: extensive launch, layer selection. The participant must politically qualified, deeds touching, social influence, high public recognition. The selection process should be fair, fair, disclosed, and accept the supervision of the masses to ensure that they can be tested.

  Third, promote positive energy: improve the mechanism, carry forward advanced. Establishing a long-term publicity mechanism, "Let the Love I have seen Guizhou, I will" endorse my hometown ", and to vigorously promote their typical deeds, create a lofty atmosphere, carry forward social positive energy, build socialist core values.

  Fourth, registration Contact: Zhang Yuxuan 18985197017; Cai Jinxia 17708505317; Mo Xiang 15721702374; Wu Jingli 18212014122. (Reporter Zhang Bin) Poverty Alleviation Foundation Official Service WeChat.