Return to China, stepped on the Times Festival (celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China · The overseas Chinese said that the motherland is in my heart (27))

Return to China, stepped on the Times Festival (celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China · The overseas Chinese said that the motherland is in my heart (27))

On May 31, Tan Yuli (front row right) and members of the Guangxi Qiao Fedean Committee will donate school uniforms and books to Wenhui Town, Mengshan County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

The respondent returned to 2016, and Tan Yuli, who is in the United States, is "ready to move." At the time of the time, the entrepreneurization of "Volkswagen Entrepreneurship, the Innovation of Wanzhong" is settled, and the vitality of the domestic Internet has made Tan Yuli’s heart. From the way to the UK to study computer related majors, go to the United States to create a stable business, and then go back to the hometown of Guangxi, "from scratch" started, the Secretary General of the Guangxi Overseas Chinese Commission, General Manager, Guangxi Hengyue Technology Co., Ltd., Tan Yue Li, One step is broken. The following is her readme.

"From 0 to 1" breakthrough back to return to China’s entrepreneurship, if you ask me, what is the biggest difficulty, I think it is determined to return to China, make a decision from 0 to 1. Since 2007, I have returned to China in 2016. I have spent the growth process of learning, working, and starting overseas.

Before returning to China, I started at the United States. After a few years of development, the cause and life have stabilized.

In 2016, the entrepreneurial boom of "Volkswagen entrepreneurship and innovation" is conducted to the other side of the ocean. Many Chinese friends who work in the United States are "ready to move", find opportunities for returning to China, I am no exception.

However, returning to China, I am a challenge of breaking through "comfortable district" for many years that has lived overseas for many years.

In that year, the Chinese Internet industry is welcoming the rapid development of gold, and the domestic consumer market is stepping from traditional models to digital and intelligent. In contrast, the consumption habits of American society are still traditionally traditionally, and the market atmosphere is relatively stable.

The active atmosphere of domestic entrepreneurial innovation makes people refresh. I have a computer-related professional knowledge foundation and experience in computer related majors. It is not only able to play the director, open up a career, and serve the society and give back to home.

After some thinking, I decided to return to Guangxi and joined the "smart" wave and embrace the Internet era.

Once the footsteps of "comfortable district" have come back once, it is difficult to collect.

Before returning to China, we are worried that the domestic market environment and the United States is huge, and our business policy is not familiar, and all business must start from scratch.

We put down the concerns, decided to return to China, register, recruiting teams, open up market, etc. , More frustrated and more brave.

Now recalling, returning to China is the most difficult and brave decision throughout the entrepreneurial process.

Because there is a breakthrough of "from 0 to 1", since then "from 1 to endless" entrepreneurial process, it is like water to the stream.

Catch the Wisdom Trend Today, if you walk into a rice flour shop on the streets of Guangxi, this store is probably ordering with a digital system, scanning.完 粉, return home, you may also receive the promotion of this store to remind you. Behind this digital service is a complete intelligent service system.

Our company’s main business is to provide a smart management service system similar to the retail and catering industry. Despite the view today, such digital services have been solved.

But in 5 years ago, this digital management is still very unfamiliar with many merchants. The direction of our business is aiming at these traditional retail and catering industry merchants, providing them with online order, online management of food materials, online accounting cost revenue and online precision marketing, etc., intelligent service systems, help traditional retail Digital transformation upgrades with catering companies.

Through our system, merchants can master the detailed data of store operations in real time, and reduce labor costs and achieve efficient and convenient management.

However, let the merchants who have never contacted the digital system use mobile phones, computer palm stores, is a difficult process.

This business expansion is not only from the incorrect, but also from the unity of the business digital management concept.

At the beginning of the entrepreneurship, I am responsible for the development of the market. I will explain our system for the merchant. Please try our system for free, work with the merchant to midnight. Although there are many ideas to change, but through a "attack", our customers gradually realize the powerful advantages of digital management, many customers become our permanent customers and partners.

My entrepreneurial experience may be a microcosm of the development of the Internet enterprise.

At that time, all China experienced digital transformation and upgrading of the consumer market, and the Internet headers vigorously promote relevant business, and many companies similar to our company offers similar products. Our team stepped on the beats of the development of the times and took the eastern wind that quickly developed with the Internet and sailed sail. Innovative "waiting for the wind" from the initial 4 people’s entrepreneurial team, now stabilize the company’s company, I have been working hard, efficient and energetic. In my opinion, sustainable innovation, rapid adaptation of changes is the corporate health development. Before and after 2019, domestic Internet companies opened "Out" boom.

We will be "out of the sea" in Indonesia, form a "sea" team with partner companies, and promote the intelligent service system as a supporting product of digital transformation.

Although overseas business is influenced by the epidemic, we have confidence to continue "waiting for the wind."

During the epidemic, we cultivated internal strength and keep the product’s continuous update, and tried to develop other businesses.

One of the "accidents" new business is export masks.

At the beginning of the epidemic, the domestic mask had a shortage of shortages.

With the previous entrepreneurial experience in foreign countries, our team prepares the sales qualification of overseas medical masks before the overseas epidemic. After the global spread, domestic medical masks have gradually increased, and it is possible to export medical masks to overseas, and our company has also become the first company in Guangxi to export medical masks overseas, and share the experience of application qualifications to other masks. Perhaps it is because the company has maintained the market, the vitality of the development of the business, is "unexpected" harvest during the epidemic.

Guangxi is connected to ASEAN countries, which is an important node of the Western Luhai New Channel. It is constructing an electronic information, chemical new material, ASEAN specialty product processing, automobile and new energy vehicle, Chinese herbal medicinal material processing and other iconic cross-border industrial chains.

As a Internet company based on intelligent service system, we are full of expectations for the Market of ASEAN, I hope to take a wind and waves at the "One Belt" initiative. "People’s Daily Overseas Edition" (07th edition, 2022) (Editor: Li Minjun, Chen Lu) Share let more people see.