Shenyang Rhinoceros City is restarted: the old industrial base again 掀 文 创 创

Shenyang Rhinoceros City is restarted: the old industrial base again 掀 文 创 创

  The rhinoceros city is the cultural campaign of Shenyang, and in 2013, the 1905 cultural and creative park in Shenyang was first brought to the public vision. Under the goal of "cultural restart, original first", this year’s rhinoxi has a focus on native creativity. "Under the epidemic, Shenyang urban development is still going forward. But how to promote the development of urban cultural industries with better cultural content," said 1905 cultural creative garden, "said" Restart ‘this theme It is not only a rebound, but also begging with courage and creating enthusiasm. "The reporter saw that the key step by the rhinoceros market is the" big variable "in the park space. It is still a major construction site before months, and the park has started more than 70% of space upgrade transformation from last year.

1905 The person in charge of the cultural and creative garden believes that the development of the industry cannot be limited only to single space itself, scene, platform, brand trend is getting more and more obvious. The large-scale transformation upgrade is followed by the pace of development of Shenyang industrial, and the new space and content will help promote the development of Shenyang. New space accommodates new content, attracting new trends, the organizers launched a lot of literary activities that have received their favorite, "Suspense Story / Suspension Contest" from 1905 Woodwood Theater, "Hot Youth" from the 1905 Life Academy Original design poster exhibition "- It is looking for the youth coefficient.

"We hope to pay attention to and participate in local youth generations, employment and innovation.

"The person in charge of the 1905 Life Art Institute believes that the original power is found, the group learning opportunity is the social responsibility of the Wenchuang Park.

  "Too fresh! Too much interest!" Tianjin girl in Shenyang, said Zhang Xu, said that he usually likes to play the script kill, I heard that it can play here, and I have come over the first time. In this rhinoceros market, it is not only a high intensive, but also many traditional artificial arts, combining traditional skills and modern art, showing Shenyang diversity cultural characteristics.

For example, it has attracted a lot of handmade clothing design studios. All clothing in the store is independently designed by young shops, cheongsam, cultural shirts, etc., consumers can also participate in design.

  Rhinoceros, Cheongsmen Festival, Creative Design Week … In recent years, Shenyang Wencheng activities are constantly indiscriminate, fully exploit unique resource endowment, improve the vitality of cultured industries, and build a cultivated industry exchange mutual communication platform.

Creative innovation is constantly turning into Shenyang Development New Engine, and releases new potential for the transformation of old industrial base. +1.