The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology publicizes a list of national industrial heritage, 7 of the canal city is selected!

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology publicizes a list of national industrial heritage, 7 of the canal city is selected!

On November 16th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China issued news and publicized the fifth national industrial heritage list, total 31.7 industrial heritage in the city along the city.

Among them, there is a beautiful dress of the national goods – Yangzhou Xie Yuchun Powder Factory, there is also a hundred years of Changzhou Qishu Shunfeng Machinery … involved in a variety of fields such as beauty, electronics, vehicles, and textiles. Yangzhou Xie Yuchun Fine Powder Factory is mentioned to Xie Yuchun three words, what can you think of? The Jiangnan beauty of the elegant, and the eyebrows are scanned, and the powder is soft, and the fool rouge is born in the Qing Dynasty. In 1930, the founder Xie Hongye was named the brand, considering the meaning of Xie characters, and used the word, the sound of the spring, the sound of the product was returned to youth.

Xie Yuchun This Ya Ya’s name is therefore produced. During the Republic of China, Xie Yuchun’s wind was in full. Duck egg powder, comb, etc. Welcome, even fragrant parts, also known as the Oriental solid perfume, Xie Yuchun became the popular wind direction of the beautiful makeup world. Nowadays, Xie Yuchun is still very popular, located in the old site of Xie Yuchun Flue Plant in Dongguan Street, Yangzhou, and has become a net red card.

The foreign tourists are always going to visit the old name and then take a few exquisite objects as a good trip. Xie Yuchun core materials include: Xie’s Old House, Office, Fragrant Powder Production Workshop, Old Factory Skin Cooling Tunnel, Plant, Laboratory, Office, Warehouse, Rouge; Flowers Furnace, Rolling; Thank you春 香 粉 油 传 制 制 制 制;;;;;;;;;;; Changzhou Qishui Machine Factory Changzhou Wujin District Yanling East Road No. 358, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is rolling, and there is a 3rd floor in the wall of Zhongqi Qishui Locomotive Co., Ltd. (ie, Machine Factory). The small house, the worker factory called its old three floor, and called the Republic of China office building. This is the first large modernization plant in Changzhou. It is, the old equipment, combined cutting machine, lathe, ink bed, etc. of the manufacturing train, and experienced the change of the world, and they seem to tell the history in this manner.

The older joint cutting machine, the manufacturing age was 1906, which was originally manufactured by the UK, and moved from Shanghai to Qishuan from Shanghai. It is mainly used to complete the punching and angle steel of various products of locomotive vehicles. .

Wei Machine Factory is not only a witness of China Railway Development, but also the power pioneer in the top five high speeds of China ‘s railway.

Through the riser of the train, we seem to see the future from the past.

Nowadays, the company is growing rapidly in this fertile soil, constantly witnessing China’s speed. Beijing Electronic Pipeline was built in Beijing Electronic Pipeline Factory in the 1950s, has created an incredible industrial miracle.

In June 1954, Beijing Electronic Pipeline was built on the Juexiaqiao area of ??farmland until July 1956 was completed. For more than 40 years, the comprehensive electronic devices of more than 600 varieties have been produced, and the 188 key projects have been produced produced supporting high-quality device products.

In 1965, China’s first integrated circuit was born in Beijing Electronic Pipeline Factory.

At that time, the development of China’s integrated circuit was almost synchronized with the development of European and American advanced countries.

That is the era of the hero. It’s a brick, all, reflects the vigorous and change in the industry’s decades. Beijing Chemical Research Institute, Beijing Chemical Research Institute was established in June 1958, is one of the earliest research institutions in China’s comprehensive research. The origin history can be traced back to Mr. Fan Xudong, famous patriotic industrialist, and the famous scientist Hou Debang was established in Tianjin Tanggu in Tianjin in August 1922. At present, the Beijing Chemical Research Institute advancing with the times has formed a development pattern of the three places, and the glory is still. Henan Jiaozuo Coal Mine Jiaozuo Coal Mine was established in 1898, and the first batch of industrial workers in Henan Province were born. In 1922, Communists began to organize trade unions in Jiaozuo coal mines, and workers’ night schools, more than 200 Jiaozuo coal mines became one of the earliest revolutionary powers to accept Marxism. On July 9, 1925, under the leadership of Wuqi Movement, Jiaozuo Coal Mine was launched under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, leaving a glorious page. Ningbo and Yixing Factory and Fengqing Factory and Fengqing Factory ingots, too rich, and the lights are bright, and the Power of the Power is released. This folk song reflects the industrial status of Ningbo before liberating.

The old site of Yixing Factory is located at No. 317, Jiangdong North Road, Jiangdong District, Ningbo, according to "Ningbo City", and Yixing Factory was created in 1905. The old site of the Yixing Factory is a hundred days ago, and the Yixing Factory supports the half of the Ningbo Industry.

After the founding of New China, the Yixing Factory has developed rapidly. Light industries and abundance, heavy workers see Ning, it is a sign of Ningbo industrial civilization. And Yixing Factory Stock and Yixing Factory Little House Lake True Sand Time Time Returns to the mid-1970s, under the southern suburbs of Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, there is a mysterious unit built along the steep mountain. I can only see the brand of the door – Shanghai Qixin First Factory.

On January 3, 1970, the Shanghai Levet Industrial Transportation Group and Shanghai Electromechanical Second Bureau discussed the construction of large liquid rocket engine testing platform, and 7013 project was born. At this time, the aerospace technology experts from Shanghai, the backbone of the old five courtyard, from the Monitoring Expert of the Inner Mongolia, from the 165-stop liquid rocket experts collection to Huzhou, along with the Soldiers in the Zhejiang Military Region, and work together to invest in Magnificent engineering construction. That is a passion burning years, many of the parties mention the pass experience, still excited.

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