The apartment serves Petani high-end products fade

The apartment serves Petani high-end products fade

In post Nansha sea view apartment recently, with the real estate control policies continue to overweight, to further attract customers and market focus, Guangzhou and some apartments project the opportunity to launch promotional activities.

In fact, this year’s new products constantly apartments, many of the central area of the project, good location. 2020 Canton apartment market is the emergence of a number of "luxury" of the apartment, new apartment prices push "high jump" situation more this year, the agency also said the recent quarter share in a meeting, expected unit price of 100,000 yuan + apartment It will increase in the Guangzhou market. The statistics show that, over the past five years, high-priced apartments gradual increase in the volume of products, market acceptance of high-end apartment price products higher and higher.

  Business taking place this year is an adequate supply of apartment supply bumper year from the second half of last year to this year, apartment products traded very fierce momentum.

According to the Guangzhou Central Research and Development Department data show that in 2020, Guangzhou-hand apartment market over a total of 20,000 units, the supply area of over 1.21 million square meters, the final annual turnover of only 15015 units, down 47%; closing an area of square meters, down 45 %.

Although the 2020 Guangzhou-hand supply of apartments increased by 44%, but the volume but fell by almost half, a record low. This year, the products traded apartment momentum has been good. According to statistics, the volume of apartment March Guangzhou million square meters, an increase of 36%, the chain rose 77%. Guangzhou Research and Development Department of the Central Plains expected, the commercial market in Guangzhou in 2021 will usher in the blowout, total supply is expected to exceed 3.5 million square meters. Among them, the supply of apartments market is expected to reach 1.6 million square meters, supply will be concentrated in the Science City, Knowledge City, Pearl Bay, Qing Sheng, Baiyun Metro plate and fish beads, City, Complex and other places.

Guangzhou strategy consultancy Savills Services Director Zhang far, said last year the apartment market has been significantly impact the epidemic is not a normal market performance this year, there must be significant recovery in the apartment market.

  Price 100,000 + apartment mainly in the secondary market recently Nansha, Tianhe, Haizhu have a new apartment products, high-end trend is clearly increasing, "7 prefix" "8 prefix," the apartment, according to industry sources, the next some time 100,000 yuan apartment + will also be increased in the market.

  Zhang told reporters that far, 100,000 yuan in Guangzhou + apartment focused on second-hand, new supply is more in the planning stage, the next three to five years will have a significant supply. We can see the high-end apartment transaction data from the market price for high-end apartments acceptance of products is increasing. There is no reason for residential products in the supply of major general buying public is optimistic about the city’s high-end apartment value, the purchase may be subject to conditions, or especially promising areas and choose to buy high-end apartments. Li Mao Zhe also said that the "luxury" of apartments mainly concentrated in the central city, and sitting on the front line of scarce resources. Area where these projects are often small residential projects, resources or their conditions better than residential projects.

  Apartment value judgments not only look at the "big zone" area from the recently launched some new apartment product point of view, Nansha apartments and Milky Way apartment, although a far cry from the lot, but the prices are "30,000 yuan +."

Apartment affect the pricing of logic elements and value judgments of ordinary residential market and product different? In this regard, Li Mao Zhe said the apartment project pricing and still have lots of great relationship, but this does not necessarily mean lots of large administrative area. But in a more micro level: Area in which if there is good planning, whether there is a scarce resource, whether near the central business district, and so on. Zhang also said that far, just look at the area where the apartment, need to look at the quality and targeting of its own.

Nansha apartment itself is positioned high-end products, while Tianhe projects are not necessarily located in the core area, so the project appears similar pricing is not surprising.

  In recent years, Guangzhou Institute of transaction data analysis shells branch president Li Mao Zhe said that the apartment market since 2017, affected by the policy, continued at a relatively depressed state, transaction size is probably about 17% of the market size of the house.

2020 Canton apartment market transactions almost halved in 2019 mainly due to the relatively high comparison base due. And in 2019 a substantial increase in turnover was mainly due to the end of 2018, Guangzhou prior to March 30, 2017 granted plots of individual projects to lift the restriction. By 2020, the condo market has gradually been released.

The actual sales volume in 2020 and 2017, the average 2018 level quite.

Currently the apartment market did not occur to reverse the nature of the market structure of the event, so 2020 is relatively stable compared to the expected 2021 apartment market, the market is a high probability to maintain the current level.

(Text / Figure: reporter Liu Liqin).