The Standing Committee of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region held a meeting to convey the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference

The Standing Committee of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region held a meeting to convey the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference

The meeting pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Central Economic Work Conference, the station is high, the overall situation, the spirit of the global, the idea, the leading direction, with a grand political vision, wide economic perspective, objectively summarize the significant results of this year’s economic work The current domestic economic situation and international economic environment, clearly put forward the overall requirements, main goals, policy orientations, and systems of the next year’s economic work, the fundamental, strategic, global major theories and practices of my country’s economic development. The problem is the latest achievement of Marxist political economics. The latest achievement of the actual situation in socialism with Chinese characteristics, which provides us with economic work in the next year and in the future, and provides fundamental follows. Li Keqiang’s speech, summed up this year’s economic work, analyzed the current economic situation, deploying the economic work of next year, focusing on, and practical.

We must enhance the "four consciousness", firm "four confidence", do "two maintenance", earnestly understand the ideological understanding of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, unify the arrangement of the Central Economic Work Conference, It is good to learn from the spirit of this conference with high ideological consciousness, political consciousness and action. The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to unify the ideological understanding to the objective analysis of the domestic economic situation. The Central Economic Work Conference has comprehensively summed up a significant achievement in this year’s economic work. He has a new step in the centuries and the century epidemic, and the new development pattern is taken, and the new development pattern is made up of the new development. Index "inspiring the heart, the" happy index "of people’s livelihood, the reform" Vital Index "incentive Impact, expectation to weaken triple pressure; deeply revealing valuable experience in doing well-being accumulated, it is important to follow economic work. It is necessary to unify the ideological understanding to the scientific judgment of the International Economic Environment. Under the impact of the century, the 100-year change will accelerate evolution, and the external environment is more complicated and uncertain, but it is necessary to see my country’s economic toughness and long-term good fundamentals. We must correct your difficulties, but also to firmly confident, maintain a strategic, strengthen your own courage, and unswervingly do your own things. The meeting pointed out that the ideological understanding will be unified to the Party Central Committee. The overall requirements of the Central Economic Work Conference are rich in connotation, highlighting leadership, coherence, and critical, and guide us to do a good job in the "Outline" of next year’s economic work; established the intended target scientific and reasonable, which is conducive to maintaining stability, purification confidence , Reinforce the bottom plate, leave a space; the clear working tone is poor, emphasizes that it is necessary to stabilize the character, steadily, and contribute to the party’s 20th Victory to create a smooth and healthy economic environment, the social environment of Guotai people, the wind Political environment. It is necessary to unify our minds and understanding to the party’s policy orientation.

The centrally clear macro policy, micro-policy, regional policy, structural policy, etc. "Maximum pursuit. We must comprehensively understand the decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee, and earnestly bear the political responsibility, steady economic growth, and the main body of the market. Based on the goal of "enter".

The meeting pointed out that the ideological understanding will be unified to the party’s central government’s correct grasp of economic problems.

From political, global highly correct understanding and grasping the strategic objectives and practical ways to achieve common prosperity, the characteristics and behavioral laws of capital, primary products supply guarantees, prevent significant risks, carbon-up carbon, and major theoretical and practical problems , Seriously do a good deal. It is necessary to unify the ideological understanding to strengthen the party’s political guarantee of economic work. Enhance political awareness, improve political judgment, political understanding, political execution, and consciously maintain highly consistent with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, put political requirements to action; adhere to system thinking, improve leadership economy Professional capabilities, especially to enlighten the people-oriented thinking, adhere to the correct political performance, cautious decision, careful use of rights; pay close attention to work, strengthen investigation and research, adhere to "three strict three strict three", resolutely prevent simplification, Chaos, resolutely opposed, do not act, do not act.

The meeting emphasized that the spirit of learning and implementing the spirit of the central economic work conference and working overall, comprehensive summary, in-depth analysis of the current economic situation, carefully planning, scientifically formulating the expected goals, serious research, correctly grasp the macro policy next year, twist the key , Sort out the key tasks next year, earnestly mitigate the work of economic and social development next year, realistic, worse, and put the party’s central decision-making deployment in place, and meet the party’s 20 victory with excellent results.

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