Sichuan 7 departments: rural life sewage treatment facilities must be better to manage

Sichuan 7 departments: rural life sewage treatment facilities must be better to manage

Original title: Rural life sewage treatment facilities must be built to standardize and strengthen the management of rural life sewage treatment facilities in Sichuan Province, and do a good job in the "second half of the township administrative districts and village-level construction adjustment reform" second half "article, promote Rural ecological revitalization, recent, provincial ecological environment, provincial agricultural rural residents, etc., etc., jointly issued "Sichuan Rural Domestic Wastewater Treatment Facilities Operation and Maintenance Management Measures (Trial)", fully promote the effectiveness of rural life sewage treatment, let Green rural land is more green.

  "Sichuan rural domestic sewage is characterized by less sewage, discharge dispersion, and water quality fluctuations.

"The relevant person in charge of the rural ecological environment of the Provincial Ecological Environment, said that rural domestic sewage, usually refers to the sewage produced by rural residents’ life activities, mainly including flushing, washing, bathing and kitchen, etc. In recent years, Sichuan has been issued Document, incorporating rural domestic sewage governance into provincial-level ecological environmental protection inspections, rural life sewage governance policy systems are gradually improved, driving work from "famous" to "truth" transformation.

As of July this year, 17,541 administrative villages in the province have effectively governed, and the governance rate reached%.

  Although the current Sichuan rural domestic sewage governance has achieved good results, the management of operation and maintenance management is still shortboard weaknesses. There is a rebuilt light pipe, the responsibility is unknown, the funds is insufficient, the technical is not enough, and the supervision is not in place.

"Building a clear operation and maintenance management system, standardizing the management of rural life sewage treatment facilities, and improving the waste of state-owned assets, improving the operational rate of processing facilities, enhancing the level of rural life sewage treatment in Sichuan Province." The above person in charge Express.

  The reporter combed found that "Measures" is divided into 6 parts, with a total of 28 strokes.

The "Measures" strictly restricts the type of water in the rural domestic sewage treatment, including slaughtering, breeding, wine, kimchi, soy products and medium-sized and above-based restaurants, shall not enter rural life sewage treatment facilities. In terms of duty divisions, the "Measures" combed the responsibility of relevant department, defining administrative privileges and work content. For example, county (city, district) people’s governments should fulfill the responsibility of the operation and maintenance management of rural domestic sewage treatment facilities; the provincial development reform committee is responsible for implementing the sewage treatment facilities, guiding the conditions for the establishment of rural domestic sewage treatment toll mechanism The city (state), county (city, district) Ecological Environment authorities are responsible for the operation of rural domestic sewage treatment facilities and the regulation of the regulation of water quality. In terms of operation and maintenance, the "Measures" proposed specific requirements for the mode of operation and maintenance management of facilities, contract, team construction, account formulation, water quality monitoring, standard use, sludge management, emergency maintenance, etc. For example, the operation and main unit must not stop the rural domestic sewage treatment facilities. Due to the need to stop due to maintenance, it should be 15 working days to the county (city, district) rural life sewage treatment facility operation and maintenance authorities and ecological environmental supervisors. Departments of the department stop the cause, stop time, emergency measures, etc. In terms of supervision and assessment, the "Measures" clarified the responsibilities and specific oversight measures of the city, county two-level ecological and environmental departments, and strengthened the application of the assessment results.

According to the regulations, the city (state) ecological environment authorities conduct at least one of the counties (cities, districts) in the administrative region each year, and the operation of the water sewage treatment facility and the emissions water stroke examination.

The relevant departments will also establish an assessment mechanism. The assessment results are included in the ecological environmental protection party and government community for the county (city, district) people’s governments. By pressurizing, implementing the responsibilities of all parties to ensure the level of rural domestic sewage treatment A new step.

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