Tianlin held the 2nd Farmers Harvest Festival celebration

Tianlin held the 2nd Farmers Harvest Festival celebration

"This is the octagonal spices produced by Old Hill Village, Yaoxiang Township, Yao, Yao Township. It is not difficult to make medicine natural Tiancheng, color beauty, taste is pure.

"At 11 o’clock in the morning of September 23," Qingfeng Ji Ji Ji Genfu Road "is the topic of Tianlin 2nd peasant harvest in Tianlin Township Pain Village Culture Square. On the same day, ten miles The villagers of Bagong gathered together. Through the form of literary performances, agricultural tourism, literary performances and other forms, the local folk customs and the happy atmosphere of welcoming harvest.

"Since the revitalization of rural resolution, our Laoshan Village has been vigorously developing an octagonal and clean water duck, and has achieved good results in the strong leadership of the upper party committee government. One year and autumn, the daisy is full of courtesy.

Autumn, a holiday celebrating harvest.

On both sides of the cultural plaza, many people from the Dopinth Township (Town) enterprise representatives and the surrounding village farmers "have been bilked up", full of their own chestnut, star anise, ginger, taro, rice cake, pumpkin , Mulberry, duck egg, dragon fruit, five-color glutinous rice, etc., attracting many tourists and consults. On the Plaza stage, accompanied the "Happy Posage" "Happy Basin" "Happy Pottery" "Happy", "Happy Chinese Dream", "Happy Chinese Dream", "Happy Chinese Dream", "Happy Song" The performance won the applause of the audience. Subsequently, the event also carried out a tug-of-war competition and agricultural tourism tourism tourism jointly participated in the co-participation, and creating a strong holiday atmosphere for the event. It is understood that Tianlin County has completed the total output value of 10,000 yuan in the first industries in 2021, and the increase in increased value is 76.781 million yuan.

Among them, agriculture (planting industry) completed total output value, year-on-year increase%; forestry completed total output value, year-on-year increase%; animal husbandry completed total output value, year-on-year growth%; fishery completed total output value million, year-on-year growth% .

(Lu Jian Yong, Zhao Wenchao, Meng Jinshan, Long Yun) (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Huang Yumei) Sharing let more people see.