Tibet Household Hospital: Tagged Plateau Country Care People’s Health

Tibet Household Hospital: Tagged Plateau Country Care People’s Health

  "Everything serves from Tibet, all served in Tibet!" This is the purpose of the construction of Tibet.

Since its inception, this place is located in Tibet Hospital in Sichuan Province, will serve Tibet’s mission and the actions, 50 years, such as the health of the people of Tibet, since the health of the people of Tibet.In recent years, the horn of Qiki Huimin blows the plateau, and a group of batch in the village team deep into the grassroots.

The Tibet, Chengdu, Chengdu, is not willing, and 80 business bones in the past 10 years have been selection of 19 batches to the plateau countryside, and the root will be the benefit of the local people.

At the same time, Tibet’s Human Hospital also took the initiative to support the development of Tibet’s grassroots medical institutions in the "Yanshan Town, Yanma Town, Yanma Town, Yan Ma Town," Boarding ". Each batch must be sent a doctor or nurse every batch.

"This is the hard indicator of the resident village issued by Tibet to Tibet.

  "Medical service is the advantage of Tibet’s Office. We must use the platform of strong base Huimin to play the advantages of Tibet, in order to protect the lives of local people and physical health contribute to a power." As a early tangled Yang Jie, deputy director of the Office of the Office of the Strong Base Huimin, has a comprehensive consideration: before, Tibet is relatively weak, and the awareness of agriculture and herdsmen is relatively weak. Tibet, the hospital is to play its own advantages. Through a group of batch in the village team, the local masses have gradually established scientific health care concepts and contribute to the development of grassroots medical careers. In the case of the tension of the medical staff of Tibet, the work indicators of the strong base will receive the support of the Party Committee of the Tibet, we fully serve. On October 20, 2012, the first batch of Tibet’s first batch of people in the village staff was determined, and the deputy director of Tibet Household Hospital Li Chunwei, Li Chunwei, Li Chunwei, etc., and other four people opened a resident life.

"Everyone is full of difficulties from both families and work, and there is no need to invest in the work of strong base Huimin." Members of the leadership team of Tibet, the leadership of the Qi Qi Hui, agree, Tibet The hospital is built under the full support of the party committee and the government of the autonomous region. When we need us, we should play our role. In fact, Tibet has also used the actual actions to honor their commitment: from 2012, the selection of 19 batches of villages have been in the city of Xie Tongmen County, Shigati, and the Town, Naqu Town. 4 villages launched a resident work and sent the warmth of the party to the grassroots.

  Serving the people with anxiety to do practical things, solve problems, do things well, and hold the "pulse" of the people to truly enter the masses. In the 7 villages that were already in Tibet, the villagers still remember which doctor gave him a drug, which doctor gave him a disease.

"What do you have done for the masses, and the people have a scales in their hearts.

Yang Jie said. In November 2015, the Tibet Household Hospital Li Zhizhi opened 8 people opened a new round of resident.

After arriving at Xie Tongmen County, the resident team first conducted health registration on the villagers in the village: Which villagers have a chronic disease, and they must focus on the document; which villagers have major diseases, need timely medical treatment … " Through this health-building, we found that there were more than 30 villagers in the age of 50, had more than 30 patients with high blood pressure.

Li Wom told reporters that the Village Task Force initially issued various drugs for chronic diseases to the people at once, and later found that they had a safety hazard in the drug, so the village team strengthened the health care publicity of medical villagers. Its medication has also been built, avoiding the villagers and multi-service, and the drug. Once, when Li Yong arrived in the village, I found that the villagers visited the diarrhea swollen more serious, this abnormally made him very concerned.

He immediately contacted a local hospital and conducted a related examination, and later was diagnosed as intestinal tumors.

Li Womo communication and coordination, for the visit to successfully did surgery, after surgery, he contacted him to Tibet, the hospital for fistula sewing.

  Li Ma is doing, it is a micro-shadow of Tibet, the hospital is careful. In the past 10 years, a batch of a batch of a batch of hospitals in Tibet has won the good reputation in the people with practical actions.

  After a good job of support, Tibet has a comprehensive consideration of Tibet, decided to carry out a counterpart support for the Ando County People’s Hospital of Ququa. In the past five years, 45 medical staff have been "biography, help, bring". To the grassroots medical institution, the new idea, new ideas, new technologies, left a medical team with unspeakable medical team.

  Yan Yunhong, Gan Yanfeng, Civilization, Shi Xiuhu, Liu Junfeng, Xia Zongjing, Chen Yong, Xie Lin Li, Xu Li … Their name is left in the history of Ando’s medical and health care.

Through a batch of counterpart support team, in 2020, Andora County People’s Hospital ushered in a historic breakthrough – successfully created "two" hospitals.

This is inseparable from the responsiveness of the medical team, and it is inseparable from the "five plus two" "white plus". In order to express the strong gratitude to Tibet’s Office, Andora County People’s Hospital and Andora County Health and Health Committee have issued a thank-you letter, and write: "From the development of diagnosis and treatment, medical technology skills training, standardized department construction, level In terms of hospital findings, the hospital is continuously promoted to the Andoutian People’s Hospital and the township hospital, which effectively promotes the improvement of medical service capacity, diagnosis and treatment level and medical quality, and lets employees, farmers and herdsmen. The masses fully enjoy high-quality medical and health services at home, we are deeply moved and cherished.

"Looking forward to the future, Tibet’s Human Households will never stop, will continue to fulfill the promise of high-quality medical services at home, and farmers and herdsmen. (Editor: Color, Wu Yuren) Share let more people see.