Qinzhou vigorously implemented Huimin project to promote "I do practical things for the people"

Qinzhou vigorously implemented Huimin project to promote "I do practical things for the people"

Since the development of the party history, Qinzhou City has always adhered to the study of the party history, the viewing reality, and promoting work, and launching the practice of "I do practical things for the people", with the people’s thinking, intention Do a good job around the people, solve the people’s trouble. "I finally hoped, and the ‘broken road" for many years was turned on.

"Recently, the family in the Yinghua Six Lane, Qinnan District, Qinzhou City, said. Combined with" I have a practical thing for the people "activities, Qinzhou City focuses on strengthening the construction of the streets and alleys, and the interlocking road will facilitate the masses.

The city is included in the Urban Quality Improvement Project in Yinghua Liuli Road and Supporting Facilities Construction, which not only turns on the cement road. The residents’ sewage also accepted the municipal sewage pipe network.

After the training, the service is to listen to the masses of the masses in Qinzhou City, respond to the people concerned again. This summer, Qinzhou City took the lead in launching the campus management service in the whole district and won the majority of home.

This year’s autumn semester, the city also promotes the service of noon in the urban primary and secondary schools.

The city has put more than 8 million yuan for urban primary schools, providing nearly 10,000 beds, and there are more than 8,700 primary school students to participate in the school. It is understood that this year, Qinzhou City has focused on the masses, combined with the needs of the masses, implementing urban quality, social security, health, education, water conservancy, aging, ecological, cultural and scent, consolidating the poverty poverty, science and technology top ten projects Annual plans to invest 100 million yuan. As of the end of August, all projects have been implemented, accumulated in capital billions, capital completion rate; accumulated in place billion yuan, funds to position rate.

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