Take the bus to feel the thriving of Yanqing Bing and Snow Charm 2021 Beijing Ice and Snow Cultural Tourism Season

Take the bus to feel the thriving of Yanqing Bing and Snow Charm 2021 Beijing Ice and Snow Cultural Tourism Season

The public feels ice and snow in Beijing World Park. Yanqing District Committee Propaganda Department is awarded by Beijing November 27 (Yin Xingyun) Today, the 2021 Beijing Ice and Snow Cultural Tourism Season hosted by Beijing Culture and Tourism Bureau Joint Yanqing District People’s Government and Yanqing District 36th Ice Snow Jiji Season Koven in Beijing World Park.

Beijing has rich ice and snow tourism resources, this event is the theme of "Changyou Bingtian Snow, Enjoy Beijing Winter", integrates Beijing Winter Olympics, urban characteristics, cultural logo, launched 22 Beijing ice and snow tourism boutique lines, bringing together ski, mountaineering , Hiking, self-driving, food, net red card, etc., providing authority guidance for tourists.

At the same time, Beijing Ice Travel Map has been launched for the first time. This event was carried out in the context of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the construction of Beijing Zhangjing Sports Culture Tourism Belt, Zhangjiakou City Cultural Radio and Television and Tourism Special Expressions.

The event is connected to the urban area. From the end of November 2022, it continued until the 1522 lunar calendar, gathered in the ice and snow activities of Beijing, Dong’ao culture activities, festive activities, ice and snow events, play snow parks, etc., upgrade the ice and snow consumption experience.

It is reported that the 36th ice and snow joy season in Yanqing District also started synchronous, and the brand activities, enjoy the winter soup, warm heart food, burnout Yanqing, boutique line 6 blocks, totaling more than 100 Went Travel Project And products.

At the same time, Yanqing also launched Yanqing Winter Obvious Snow Map with "Changyou Most Winter Olympic City". . Upgraded version "One-to-One Mobile You Qingqing" contains attractions, route planning, voice explanation, online ticket purchase, etc., is a smart service platform that is integrated before, swim, swim.

In addition, Yanqing District also launched 10 boutique ice and snow tourism lines, in series Beijing World Park Ice Carnival, Vanke Shijinglong and Badaling Ski Resort, fixed wing air to see Yanqing, non-legacy experience, Great Wall Commercial Street, Great Wall Gift, Water farming, Yanqing people boutique homestay, high-star hotel, classic afternoon tea, etc. nearly 60 feet of ice and snow tourism resources, formation, live, travel, travel, purchase, entertainment full factor, full-covered winter cultural product supply. It is worth mentioning that Yanqing has also opened high-quality, super discount ice and snow bus, one-stop package form for tourists to experience ice and snow.

Take advantage of Winter Olympics, Beijing will assemble the ice and snow resources in the region, create a new scene of ice and snow consumption, cultivate the development of ice and snow industry, and actively promote the deep integration of ice and snow exercise and cultural tourism resources, and accelerate the construction of Beijing sports cultural tourism zone.

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