The second batch of political and legal team education in Henan Province is held

The second batch of political and legal team education in Henan Province is held

  On August 16, the second batch of political and legal team education in the province held a mobilization deployment meeting, and implemented the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the important instructions on political and legal team education, conscientiously implement the national second batch of political and legal team education rectification mobilization. The spirit of deploying the meeting, summarizing the first batch of education and rectification and "looking back" in our province, mobilizing the province’s second batch of education. The Provincial Party Party Secretary, the Provincial Political and Legal Team Education, the leadership group leader, the leader, the leader of the leader, attended and speaking.

  The first batch of education has pointed out that the provincial party committee has resolutely implemented the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Party Central Decision-making deployment, putting the political and legal team education rectification work, and has a strong guidance of the central ninth supervisor group. Focus on "four tasks" "three links" carefully deployed, solidly promoted, seriously launched "back" and central supervision feedback rectification, achieve significant results, the political ecology of the province’s political and legal system is further purified, the law enforcement judicial credibility is further improved, the people The masses have a sense of safe feeling of happiness. Practice is fully proved that the major decisions of the Party Central Committee have made a serious decision-making, knowing the right, and in accordance with the reality of the political and legal teams, and comply with the people’s heart.

  Xiaosheng pointed out that the second batch of education and rectification is to promote the continued in-depth importance of education. It is an important measure to strengthen political construction, solve outstanding problems, and improve quality capabilities. It is necessary to carry forward the spirit of self-revolutionary spirit with a high degree of political responsibility and mission, sum up the first batch of education rectification success, and solidly do the second batch of education to rectify the work, and ensure that the qualified answers will be assured, let the Party center. Let the people of the province satisfied. The building has emphasized that it is necessary to seize the key key, and carry out the second batch of education rectification in our province. All relevant departments at all levels should combine the provincial political and legal organs, adhere to the "high standards, high starting point" requirements, from the beginning, scientifically accurately, to ensure the pertinence of the second batch of education and rectification. Effect.

  First, highlight political guidance and build a political loyalty.

The party of political and law is the essence of the political and legal organs, and political loyalty is the root and soul of the political and legal team.

Politics must be taken as the first requirement, and loyalty is the first standard, strengthen political education, enhance political ability, and consolidate political roots.

To continue to strengthen the theoretical armed, put in-depth study and implement the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking as a fundamental task, put in-depth learning, Xi Jinping’s Ideology and Xi Jinping’s "July" important speech as the core content, enhancing politics in deep learning Judgment, political understanding, political execution.

We must deepen the education of party history, promote the spirit of great Justice, with red resources, continue to renew the red blood, and further firmly firmly believe.

It is necessary to carry out in-depth warning education as an important content, strict political discipline, political rules, and profound training from a typical case, being alerted.

In-depth education, establish the benchmark ruler from the advanced English model traces, and hurt the bottom line in the high line, and stick to the initial heart in the admire hero. Second, it is necessary to suddenly touch the horses. It is necessary to adhere to no ban, all coverage, zero tolerance, and focus on the "two-sided sent" "two-sided" "two sides", and thoroughly investigate the law enforcement judicial corruption, and strictly check the party’s 18th Since the big corruption, the corruption does not charge, maintain the health of the political and legal team. It is necessary to take a strong powerful measures, highlight "people" to see "things", heavy facts, do iron cases, to engage in group guys, knotting the party’s branch private investigation, thoroughly reminding political hidden dangers.

To implement a wide quality policy, carry out the talk talk, comprehensively carry out personal self-examination, use a "four forms", sustained release "self-examination from wide, being checked from strict", to achieve the premium, to treat people.

It is necessary to strengthen the bottom line thinking, compact the responsibility of the party organization, strengthen internal safety management.

We must strictly legal procedures, strictly customize the facts, law and customs, and dispose of each case, and the cases have been taken to the right of law, history, and people’s test.

  Third, it is necessary to highlight targeted rectification and eliminate stubborn diseases. To combine the characteristics of the provincial political and legal organ, focus on the problem of improving the policy, systematic universality in the political and legal field, affecting law enforcement judicial highlighting problems and style, in-depth investigation, in-depth analysis, find deep causes and breeding soil, targeted Treatment, seeking effectiveness.

To capture the source, the symptoms of the symptoms, strategies, the amount of control, the increase, anti-variety of control, the promotion of individuality issues, and the common problem, and the prognosis and the implicit problem are resolved together.

It is necessary to do a good job in the unfold implementation of the rules, and the method of implementing the method of implementing the specified action is used to do a good job, ensuring the direction of the direction, the task is unchanged.

  Fourth, it is necessary to highlight the style of style and create an exemplary organ. The Work style of the provincial political and legal organs directly related to the overall image of the province’s political and legal system. We must vigorously promote the party’s glorious tradition and good style, always adhere to the people’s first, take the mass line, combined with "I do practical things for the masses", in improved legal services, strengthen law enforcement judicial guarantee, constantly satisfied The people are looking forward to. It is necessary to adhere to the strong base orientation, continue to loosen the burden of the grassroots political and legal organs, and promote the resource power to tilt to the base layer. Be courageous to serve as, actively serve the party and national working overall situation, and solidize the key work of political and legal work and security and maintain the mission in protecting peace, do a case, urgent matter, and solve the problem in the problem.

  Five must highlight the establishment of the selection, and realize the normal performance. It is necessary to set up the establishment of the rulers to embed the law enforcement justice and team building, and be good at using the reform thinking and institutional forms, from the sources of decline in the field of political law.

It is necessary to stick to the side of the side to change, and further improve the party leaders’ work system, Zhengfeng’s long-term mechanism, law enforcement judicial system supervision mechanism, etc., promote education rectification results. It is necessary to fully deepen the reform of the political and legal field, and focus on building a law enforcement judicial responsibility system with a blame, performance, accountability. It is necessary to persist, change, abolish, improve the pertinence and effectiveness of the system mechanism.

It is necessary to seriously implement the system to prevent the "window effect", let the iron regulations, let the ban live. Building a yangye requires to strengthen organizational leadership to ensure that they have achieved solid results.

To tighten the liability chain, the provincial party committee will firmly pick up the subject responsibility, the Provincial Political and Legal Committee, the Party Committee of the Provincial Political and Legal Unit (Party Committee) should undertake the main responsibility of the education and rectification of the unit, the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, Organization Department, Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Waiting for the member unit to take a collaborative responsibility to form an overall synergy.

It is necessary to consciously accept the supervision and guidance of the central supervision team, and promote education and rectification. We must adhere to the opening of the door, open the line, open the door, and fully solicit the "two generations of a member", grassroots police and grassroots opinions suggest, and satisfied with the masses as inspection standards, consciously accept the masses supervision.

To strengthen the promotion and guidance, adhere to the correct political direction, vigorously promote the importance of education and rectification and actual results, talk about the touching story of the police in the disaster relief, show the highness of the political and legal team. To do a good job in co-ordination, combine education and rectification and party history education, and establish a combination of "10,000 people" and "three batch" activities, create the most professional business environment, etc. Combine with the current undergoing epidemic prevention and post-disaster reconstruction, transforming education and rectification into powerful power, ensuring political security, production safety, social security, public safety, with the province’s overall situation as "ten The first step in Four Five-Year Plan, and I have a powerful guarantee for new weather.

  The conference was held in a video form, and the provincial political and legal organs set up a venue.

  Sun Shougang hosted the meeting.

Qu Xiaoli, Hu Da, Duan Wenlong attended at the main venue. (Editor: Since the quiet, Yang Xiana) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.