The new pork breeding in Liaoning has passed the national approved

The new pork breeding in Liaoning has passed the national approved

Original title: Dandong is called "Liaonan Black Pig" brand over 9 generations, "Liaodan Black Pig", which is built in the 23rd, recently passed the National Livestock Genetic Resources Committee, which is the founding of New China since the founding of China. Liaoning Province Cultivate and passed the first kind of piglets approved by the country.

Taking this as an opportunity, Dandong City will do our best to develop and promote the development and utilization of the "Liaonan Black Pig" variety, and transport high-quality pigs to the lower reaches of the industry, continuously broaden the market sales channels, expand the market share, and create high-quality commodity pig production bases, called Loud "Liaonan Black Pig" product brand.

As people’s living standards have increased year by year, consumers’ demand for pork is more focused on pork taste.

More meat, good meat, color, delicious, and fresh pork products are more popular among consumers.

"Liaoning black pig has the advantages of high reproductive, good meat, strong adaptability, uses it as a mother, cultivation, high-quality lean black pigs, high meat, high lean, high breeding, will be complete It is in line with the needs of raising pigs and consumers, with broad promotion application prospects. "Director, Dudong City, Director, Director, Director, Director, Director, Cultivated" Liaonan Black Pig ".

Local livestock and poultry varieties are an important part of my country’s strategic resources, which is the basis for supporting the necessary conditions for animal husbandry production and ensuring the continued health development of animal husbandry.

Liaoning Black pig is an excellent mother of my country. It is one of the key varieties of the first batch of livestock and poultry genetic resources in our province. It has the characteristics of high reproductiveness, good meat, strong adaptability, and hybridization.

Since 1998, Dandong City’s livestock collaborative provincial modern agricultural production base construction project, Shenyang Agricultural University, Hebei Agricultural University, etc. Pig "new variety cultivation work.

The national new variety is approved by the "Liao Dan Black Pig" adopted, its body shape is consistent, the genetic performance is stable, and the hair is black, both Liaoning black pigs are high, resistant, strong, good adaptability, good meat, anti-disease Strong characteristics, there are also the advantages of dangerous, fast growth, high growth rate, high growth rate and high feed conversion rate. At the same time, overcoming the slow growth rate of Liaoning, the lean rate is low, the feed conversion rate is low, and the defects in the breeding of Dolock pigs are low. Tested by the Agricultural Rural Subcomition of Pig Quality Prevention Center (Wuhan), "Liaonan Black Pig" is an ideal variety of high-quality high-grade pork and has a good market prospect. From the recent promotion situation in the province, "Liaonan Black Pig" is adaptable, which is suitable for intensive large-scale feeding, and is suitable for small-scale breeding or spread of rural areas. Fast adaptation, excellent production performance. "According to incomplete statistics, as of the pre-verification, ‘Liaonan Black Sog’ sow, more than 70,000, accounting for the% of Liaoning’s mother pigs, which means that this new variety has a larger rising space. In the future, We will continue to breed, further enhance the genetic performance of the variety, excavate genetic characteristics, carry out relevant supporting technology research, and provide scientific basis for the development and utilization. "Time Ji Kong said.

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