Strengthen refined governance with embroidery mens (first-line walk)

Strengthen refined governance with embroidery mens (first-line walk)

Not long ago, when the Chengxiu Street, Hangzhou Xiaoshan District, the "Brothers Fruit Store" took me, and I invited me to drink the water in his store.

It can be a year ago, everyone see me every time, it is always a bitter.

There are many old communities around the arch show, parking spaces are scarce, and many people often park the car on the sidewalk in front of the roadside merchant. Not only do pedestrians are passing well, and the roadside shop business has also been affected.

One side is the public travel security to ensure that the parking is just need to solve, how to balance? "Can all supervise in supervision, can it be efficient to scientific and technological?" At the symposium of "I have a practical thing for the people" in the city, I will make an idea.

Sudden visit, surrounding people support strengthening supervision through technical means. So, we immediately set up the construction of the system of "City Ai Zhizhi". After the early stage, we have more than 10 cameras along the arch show, and linkage with the Market Supervision Administration, Public Security Bureau and other departments. .

Once a violation of motor vehicles, the system will automatically grab the vehicle information and remind the owner to drive as soon as possible.

This unspectacted law enforcement method is more human, giving everyone’s cooperation. After a period of operation, the violation of the human sidewalk motor vehicle along the arch show is greatly reduced. "After receiving the SMS reminder, I warmly warm.

We don’t want to be illegally, can you find a way to provide you with more parking spaces? "The citizens who have done to the Bank of the Gongxiu Road said to me. Social governance must be specimen and the symptoms are the direction of our improvement. In order to further solve the problem of parking, we have the second phase of" City Rongzi Ai Zhizhi " The system’s process has been upgraded. In the warm notification of the owner, the recent parking lot information closest to the owner is added, and the owner can directly click on the link to enter the navigation program.

With this "smart small helper", the owner can quickly find the parking space, comfortable and rest assured.

"You see my door, now I am bright, business is a lot. Thank you!" Wang Shi Chang said. Many of the city governance work, encounter problems, can not avoid heavy, and can not be awkward "tube".

Strengthening refined governance with embroidery work, reflecting the temperature of the city with humanized service, and law enforcement can be more effective and more people. (The authors are the cadres of urban management bureau in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province).