Chengdu Wuhou District: Ask the people to be a strong "three teams" to score a new chapter of the happy life

In Wuhou, the number of visitors like Wang Tao Li is as high as 3,785 people.

Behind the data is the establishment of three visits.

Forming three visits, Wuhou has such a test: What is the problem? What are the difficulties in companies? Does the policy are in line with the masses? Can the document that the document will land in the grassroots level? The Wuhou District Committee, the District Government believes that the answer to these issues is to be found in the grassroots level, ask questions, ask for people, "Only fully master the people think thinking, what is expected, the policy is more grounded Gas, easy to implement. "

How to build three visits? The residents of the residents of the community were set up.

According to the standards of 1 person per 200 households, the "1 + N" model is taken, and one community "two committees" lead Name Community Party members, residents’ backbone, volunteers and other interviews. How do you find a breakthrough in the community puzzle and the masses, how to find a breakthrough, do your job to your heart? You can use the "knocking action", you can listen to the small book, and you will listen to the appeal, the old man, the sore child, and the sterling child is their focus.

Group street merchants visiting the team.

The community mesh is based on each grid, and the community grid, comprehensive law enforcement team, comprehensive law enforcement team, etc. Their responsibility is to implement the requirements of "entering the back, check the warehouse", focus on the problem of preventing safety production risks and coordinating the difficulties in the business. Issue a team of jurisdictions. In the community-based unit, 2 cadres brought by the streets, all industrial sectors sent 1 cadres to form three people visited the team.

They understand the principle of fragmentation, on the one hand, understand the needs of the enterprise, improve the targeted and accuracy of service enterprises; on the other hand, it is to open the knife, move the system, to the company, and solve the masses. Care, reflecting practical problems. At present, the area has set up 474 communities to visit the team, 11 street merchants visited the team, 71 enterprises visited the team, and the number of team members reached 3,785. How is the mechanism guarantee? Constructing the four-level smart governance information platform service residents more than 1.25 million in the morning, Wangjiang Road Street Republican Community Netherman Xiao Liu visited a hotel.

Before starting check, Xiao Liu touched the phone, open the "control platform" mobile app issued check instruction, and then the system automatically generates an inspection module and content.

Xiao Liu’s work is to comply with the actual status of the main unit, and take a photo post. "For example, this hotel I have now checked now that the security export should be no less than two, and I have found that it only has a safe exit. So, I will take the certificate, take pictures, then store it in the cloud. This is not We need to come back and collect the file information.

"Xiao Liu said that after completing the inspection, the system will also generate legal, regulations, standard-based hidden dangers." With the ‘control platform’, not only enhance the active and precision of the three teams to visit visitors, The citizens are also guarded from all over 24 hours.

"The person in charge of the Safety and Emergency Management Office of Wangjiang Road," For example, we will have a safety inspection of a hotel, put it in the past, because the staff of the staff’s understanding of safety or relevant laws Strong, may only check the fire extinguisher or evacuation channel. But now the platform system prompts, he will receive a suggestion of checking the library, diesel electricity house, automotive garage, fire control room, fire water pump house, etc., which will greatly reduce safety hazards. "The most" wisdom "of the whole system is through the AI ??intelligence algorithm, the data collected by the site, the image is analyzed, and the image can be automatically discovered, automatic warning. For the hidden dangers, the check personnel can set the hidden danger rectification Time limit, before the expiration system automatically reminds the review, significant hidden dangers and rectification review, and immediately report to the upper department for governance, realizing hidden danger closed-loop management and major hidden dangers.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the platform integrates the strength and resources of the main responsible unit, the street, community, police station, electricity company, gas company, and integrates the work of the original cross-sectoral cross-departments to the platform to carry out, combine the linkage, Holding a punch, greatly improving the management of work efficiency. This means that relying on the intelligent governance platform, the three teams visit visitors can achieve "there is a spectrum in the hearts of the jurisdiction, and there is ‘number’" in the palm. " It is reported that Wuhou District is promoting the area, street, community, and grid four intelligence governance information platform integration, realizing information, district, district, street data fusion. At present, "three teams" have accumulated more than 1.25 million residents and more than 10,000 merchants, covering the number of buildings.

For the people, focus on effectiveness, expensive.

How to continue? A sound guarantee mechanism is essential. Supported by intelligent platform, Wuhou District will also construct a "District-level department-street-community-grassroots visitor" four-level work system, supporting establishment "grading response, reservation call, multi-party collaboration, four-level supervision, end evaluation", etc. The working mechanism allows three visitors to solve the problem on the front line, and requires the timely response follow-up of the street department to form the problem, effectively solved, and evaluate the feedback. At the same time, establish a reward and punishment mechanism, including the "one award, timely fulfilling" incentive mechanism, praise incentive mechanism and accountability mechanism.

What is the service effect? 4 rounds visited the full cover collection to solve the problem of 10,000 pieces as the foundation of the masses as the foundation of the people, and the masses as the ruler.

"Three visits of the team’s primary task is to focus on residents, merchants, the real problems you need, accurately docking, and do practical things, good things.

Listen to the people, solve the people, and do things in the hearts of the masses.

On the morning of June 18, the Houhou District of the Wuhou District received a special "gift".

Representatives from Shuangnan Hospital from Wuhou District will be sent to the staff of the staff in the "high-risk service and high service fastness". "Thank you for your efficiency approval efficiency of the Huunding Office in Wuhou District, which greatly reduced the time of doing, got you!" Shuangnan Hospital representative thumbs up. Recently, the staff of the Wuhou District, in the process of visiting the enterprise, learned the construction of the second phase of Shuangnan Hospital, starting to apply for construction licenses, and immediately arrange specialist specialists to dock, providing a detailed person The construction of policies consulting and reporting process guidance, and completed electronic pieces of electronic parts for construction licenses within 24 hours, promoting major functional construction projects start construction as soon as possible. Do practical things, solve the problem, the key is a "real" word.

Ms. Xu, who lives in No. 110, Shengli Village, Wuhou District, and the victory landscape after the entrance to the house, the victory of the victory is full of praise: "I took the mentality of trying a trial and said Xiao Wu in the community, said the way the door is not good. I hope to rectify, I didn’t expect it to have a real response so soon. "The victory lane after upgrading is integrated into Wuhou Bajing embossed, Huaxi style curved decoration, Sichuan style flower window explains the local cultural elements, not only Only "look" is high, it is more convenient to travel.

"The interests of the masses are not small, but the alleys are small, but they can inspect the people’s consistent road; although the alleys are narrow, they are the people’s livelihood roads from the public’s daily lives." Said the relevant staff in Wuhou District said this year 30 roads such as Shengli Lane, Hongwa Temple 上海千花论坛 Street, Yulin North Road, and Wideways, and the rectification of the length of the sidewalk is about 14 kilometers, and the investment fund is estimated about 60 million yuan. At present, the roads such as Shengli Lane, Hongwa Temple Street, and Primary School have basically built completion, and the remaining roads are advancing according to the plan. In Wuhou, through the three teams visited, "do practical practices for the private" happened every day: "Some people have to stop the electric car in the corridor, and they can’t persuade". The three teams take the visitors to receive the residents. On-site, coordinated property handling electric vehicle violation parking; "Downstairs business uses high gas tanks with people, it seems so scary", three team visits immediately contact the community to 上海奉贤快餐服务 find the merchant, through the popularity of fire knowledge and related regulations, Persuading business rectification and eliminating safety hazards. Contact the masses is not tight, the people are good, the results of the work, the three teams have been established, have completed 4 rounds of full coverage, accumulating the needs of the disposal of the mass service, investigate 8711 for safety hazards, solve more than 8647 difficulties Part. The pieces have fallen, and everything responds.

In one thing, the next year, the next year’s continuous continuous work, Wuhou is built in a high level of happiness, and writing a new chapter of the happy and beautiful life. (Zheng Wei) (Editor: Feng Yuanyuan (intern), Gao Hongxia) Share let more people see.